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Jerry Murray Notre Dame Invitational Tournament

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Gross LeaderboardR1 CSS 74R2 CSS 77 R/OR3 CSS 75TotalPar
1st James Sugrue Maynooth 747273219+3
2nd Eugene Smith Maynooth 728072224+8
3rd Ben Crancer Texas A&M 728175228+12
4th Connor Black Texas A&M 787872228+12
5th Jordan Hood Maynooth 728573230+14
6th Miguel Delgado Notre Dame 757976230+14
7th Neil McKinstry Ulster 748077231+15
8th Patrick Cover UNCW 748077231+15
9th Thomas Elridge UNCW 758175231+15
10th Max Miller Texas A&M 678579231+15
11th Andrew Lister Texas A&M 728674232+16
12th Adria Arnaus Texas A&M 778373233+17
13th Mark Morrissey Ulster 788174233+17
14th Ross Dutton Ulster 768176233+17
15th Andrew Paysse Texas A&M 768077233+17
16th Chandler Phillips Texas A&M 778275234+18
17th Jonathan Yates UCD 747783234+18
18th Matt Rushton Notre Dame 778078235+19
19th Preston Harrington UNCW 748180235+19
20th David Koystal UNCW 768180237+21
21st Austin Inman UNCW 738778238+22
22nd Thomas Lilly UNCW 788476238+22
23rd Ryan Gribben Ulster 728383238+22
24th Blake Barens Notre Dame 778279238+22
25th Stephen Saleeby UNCW 748579238+22
26th Thomas Steve Notre Dame 758381239+23
27th Ross Steedman Maynooth 728780239+23
28th Ben Albin Notre Dame 758580240+24
29th Liam Cox Notre Dame 768480240+24
30th Jake Goodman Texas A&M 768778241+25
31st John McCarthy UCD 828574241+25
32nd Peter McKeever UCD 739177241+25
33rd Zach Toste Notre Dame 798579243+27
34th Ted Collins UCD 808581246+30
35th Stefan Greenberg Ulster 828382247+31
36th Kevin Connors Notre Dame 868677249+33
37th Jens Verhey Notre Dame 838187251+35
38th Ross Robinson UNCW 829280254+38
39th Robin Dawson Maynooth 73NR73  
40th Gareth Mann UCD DQ9185  

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